New to shooting?
Need a refresher course?

We offer private instruction with
an NRA certified instructor.

*30 minutes of instruction usually applies to people who have taken a class or instruction and just want a refresher. If you are a new shooter, it usually takes at least 1 1/2 hours for classroom and range time. We cannot guarantee a specific time frame for anyone. Everyone learns at a different pace and it depends on how many firearms you want to try and if you want to learn different types of pistol actions. As well as if it is more than one person, it takes more time as well*
You must call to schedule and appt at least 24 hours ahead. We don't do private instruction on a walk in basis.


For one person:

$40 for 30 minutes
$65 for one hour

For two people:

$65 for 30 minutes
$100 for one hour

For groups larger than 2 people:

Group rates may be given depending on individual circumstances
Please ask an employee for details.

This fee does not include:
Lane Fee, Firearm rental, Ammunition or Targets