BeaverCreek Armory Range, LLC

Range Rules


1. Gun’s Brought to the Range

 All handguns up to 44 magnum and .22 caliber rifles and pistol caliber carbines are permitted on the range. All firearms must be carried in a case, unloaded into the range, magazines empty, including concealed carry handguns.
2. Range Officer or Range Safety Officer
The Range Officer on Duty is in direct charge of the range at all times. The Range Officer and approved staff will bar from the range any person handling a firearm in an unsafe or careless manner.
   The Range Officer and approved staff has the right to inspect any and all firearms and will ban their use, if in his/her judgement they are unsafe or not in good working order.
   Any person or person’s who subject the range officer to harassment, verbal or physical, will be asked to leave the Range.
3. Vandalism
 Any person seen shooting at the lights, baffles, carriers or any other range equipment or property may be reported to the authorities for appropriate action. Targets are to be mounted on target support frames provided. No adjustment of the target system is allowed. Oly targets authorized by the range officer or approves staff, will be permitted.
4.  Range and Equipment Rental
All firearms are brought in cased, clear and unloaded
5. Firearms Permitted
All handguns chambered up to 44 magnum are permitted, .22 caliber rifles and pistol caliber carbines.
6. Ammunition Permitted
Outside ammuntion is allowed. Core fee applies. $5 per 50 rounds (center-fire), $2 per 50 rounds (rim-fire), Factory ammuntion ONLY. Or you may purchase our ammunition here. Prices varies on caliber.
7. Firing Line Occupants
All persons utilizing the range facility are required to understand the rules of the range on the first visit.
Persons under the age of 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or authorized adult and must remain with the minor at all times on the range.

Shooters and/or responsible parties must be in possession of a vaild driver's license or I.D. and be able to legally own and operate firearms.

No Smoking, Smokeless tobacco, Food or Drink is allowed in the Range.
Only one shooter per lane.
You may not bring someone to assist or instruct you. All instruction done at BeaverCreek Armory is done by a Certified instructor who carries firearm insurance and is contracted with BeaverCreek Armory. This ensures that all training done here is safe and professional.
People not shooting are not allowed on the range.
No firearms are to be left unattended on the range.
Pregnant women are not permitted in the Range.
8. Firing Line Procedure
Take the position assigned to you.
The muzzle must be pointed downrange at all times.
Shooters must load and unload their own weapon.  Do not hand another person a loaded firearm. Do not change lanes with a loaded firearm. Only line of sight shooting is permitted.
When leaving the firing line temporarily, lay the firearm down with the action open and muzzle pointed downrange.
When you are finished and leave, make sure the weapon is UNLOADED, magazine empty and in appropriate case. Place all trash in appropriated containers.
9. Eye Protection
All shooters will wear eye protection.
10. Ear Protection
All shooters will wear ear protection.
General Safety Rules
Always to be followed at BeaverCreek Armory Range