1. Can I use my own ammunition?
Answer: New Policy effective 6/25/2014: You may now bring your own ammuntion. Factory ONLY. We charge $5 per 50 rounds (center-fire) and $2 per 50 rounds (rim-fire). Our core fees are comparable to other ranges in the Portland area
2. How much is your ammuntion?
Answer: Our ammuntion prices fluctuate with the market. We pride ourselves in marking our ammunition at the utmost reasonable prices and to not overcharge our customers.
3. Do you have retractable targets?
Answer: We do!
4. Can I share a lane with someone?
Answer: You may not share a lane with anyone. Each person who is shooting must shoot in their own lane. The only time it is permitted is if you are with and supervising a child who is shooting.
5. Can I bring someone to watch me shoot or come watch a friend shoot?
Answer: No. For safety purposes only people actually shooting a firearm are allowed on the range when it's "hot'' or in use.
6. What guns can I shoot on the range?
Answer: Anything that is pistol caliber.
* Pistol calibers from .22 to .45 ACP -- No 50 A.E -- Magnum calibers allowed are .357 mag and .44 mag
* Rifle's and carbine's chambered in .22, 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP are allowed to be shot.
* Submachine guns are allowed. We have tommy guns, mp-40's and Colt 9mm SMG's for rent.