For many, the term personal protection immediately evokes images of martial-arts techniques or a handgun in a nightstand. In truth, the use of force is only one of many methods that you can use to defend yourself, and indeed is used only as a last resort, when other methods have failed. It is always preferable to escape, evade, deter or otherwise avoid an attack. Planning and skill give you an overwhelming advantage over an assailant, even if ou need to sidestep a violent confrontation.

This class is a non-shooting class but will teach you all these skills and also what to expect if you ever have to use your gun in self defense. It is an essential class to make you aware of your surrondings and how to face such circumstances, if you ever find yourself in one.

3 Hour Class
$65 per person
$55 if you bring a friend for each of you

Hannah Frazier

Certified NRA Basic Pistol Instructor

Certified NRA Range Safety Officer

Certified Utah Concealed Firearm Instructor

Oregon Concealed Firearm Instructor